Spring is just around the corner. Check out what we're planning.

Spring season has it plants just like summer and fall! Here are a few things I like to grow in my container garden in the spring:





Spring Season!

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About Glitter Green Thumb

Hi! I'm Kristen, your garden go-to girl. Glitter Green Thumb has evolved quite a bit in the past few years and I'm so grateful to have you here for the ride! Our roots run deep in self-care and healthy eating. 

I'm originally a Maryland girl who spent several years in the heat of Miami. I grew my first garden in 2015. I started small, just one container and a pack of cucumber seeds!

I initially turned to gardening as a mental health outlet and the impact was huge. I knew my experience was something that I had to share. I wanted to share how easy it was to grow a garden but I also wanted to share the clarity and mental space that it gave me. 

We've grown from an Instagram account, to a blog, to teaching others to grow food and now we've moved into farming. 

Stay tuned, because there' s always something growing in the garden.